5 Best Things to Do With Friends in Chicago

Chicago is a city which is mainly for business activities and filled with stunning buildings. Though it is a business city, you can have a lot of fun there.

If you are thinking about going with your friends to have some fun in Chicago, you won’t regret your decision. Here is an amazing list of the best things you can do with your friends to have fun Chicago.

1. Go to the beach

The beaches in Chicago are located along Lake Michigan. The most popular beaches are;

  • • Oak Street Beach
  • • North Avenue

These beaches are ideal for some R&R and they offer an amazing skyline and view of Lake Michigan. They are also ideal for sunbathing and you can have some fun playing games with your friends like volleyball.

2. Animal zoos

You will have a great time with your friends when you go to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo.


It is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) zoos in Chicago. In here you will learn some interesting facts about the animals that you love and their history.

3. Visit some of the clubs

Chicago has some of the most awesome clubs that you can find. Here are the best two.

• Kingston Mines

If you are a blue lover and you love barbeque, then try this club out.This club plays the best blues with a live band and has a menu full of barbeque options. It is always open up to 4.00 am every night and until 5.00 am on Saturdays.You get to listen to the best soothing blues all night with your friends and get to enjoy the best barbeques. How cool is that?

• Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

If you don’t like blues, here is another option for you.

This club purely plays jazz. If to listen to the best jazz while having the best cocktail, this club is the best. And if you love poems, make sure you are here on Sunday night.

Together with the clubs in Chicago you also play a wonderful game such as escape the room with your friends. The game requires teamwork in order to succeed in the challenges/levels. Here are 3 examples of the escape games:

• You Are Locked In

You only have 60 minutes to get out of the room.You have to look for clues and objects in the room that can help to unlock the doors or locks.

Chicago Sunset

• Solve puzzles

Teamwork is again the key in this game.You must work together and sharing ideas (communication) to solve the puzzles. It’s almost impossible to solve alone. Everyone must be involved.

• Beat The Clock

Are you fast and furious? Kidding, in this game you have very limited time to escape the room before the counting time stops at zero.Tip: In order to succeed in these games, you have to work together and the most important thing, have fun while escaping.

4. View the city from above

You can be able to view the amazing city with its buildings and nature from above. You can do this by:

• Viewing from the Skydeck at Wills Tower

This ledge is 1300 feet above the ground. From here, you able to view the roads and buildings. (if you can withstand heights, try this one)Friendly tip: If you have fear of heights, please don’t dare this.

• 875 N Michigan Observatory

This offers a magnificent overview of Lake Michigan (it has the best view of the lake)

5. Try food and snacks of Chicago

Honestly, Chicago does have the best pizza. Many might disagree with this but go and try it for yourselves.

If you love meat, try their meat menus and you’ll never have meat in another place. The people of Chicago do get down to business when it comes to meat (try the barbeques and pulled pork).

Chicago Town

Honestly, Chicago is a fun city to visit and if not careful, you might decide to stay there forever. After having fun with your friends, take your family for a vacation there and they will also have a good time if not the best time there.

Tip: Before visiting a new place, do some research on the current season of that place and the activities you are expecting to carry out there so that you can carry the best gears.