Best Boot Camp Exercises

Boot camp exercises may differ from those you would do in a regular class. They tend to consist of a pretty intense combination of weight-bearing, aerobic and speed components in every single class session. One boot camp exercise may stress calisthenics so much that the next class is going to be dedicated to sprints, while the next is going to be all about plyometrics. It is amazing how much each exercise will change the style of exercises for the other classes. If you want to get fit in the most effective way possible, then you must make sure that the exercises you choose are the ones that will work the best with your body type and the current level of fitness.

A lot of the boot camp exercises focus on power. Some of them require gymnastics skills that most people take for granted. They use a great deal of strength, but few realize that it is exactly this strength that is required to keep people safe and secure. This is why interval training has become such a popular form of fitness training at fitness boot camps. Interval training involves short bursts of high-intensity exercise which is undertaken repeatedly in order to raise our body’s energy levels rapidly.

Pushups and pullups

The first of the exercise types which you will find at most boot camp exercises are pushups and pullups. These two exercises form the basis for almost all of the physical training at boot camp. There is a good reason for this. Pushups and pullups are simple exercises that require very little strenuous effort. They are also simple exercises which are easily carried out by anybody, especially people who are new to exercising.

Pullups can be difficult to do, especially if you are a beginner. But the nice thing about pushups is that they build strength by using the entire body as a ‘weight’. Pushups will serve as a foundation for your fitness routine at the boot camp.

woman doing pushup


Another exercise which you will find at most boot camps is the burpee. The burpee is a basic training exercise that aims to build strength and power. The movement requires you to bend over and pick up something with both hands. The movement can be performed in a wide range of stances depending on what is required. You can even choose a stance where you stand on one leg while you lift the other off the ground!

Timed run

Another exercise you can expect to find at a boot camp is a timed 1.5-mile run. The timed run is an effective way of raising your stamina. Running requires you to be in good shape, especially if you have decided to join a boot camp that requires you to run outdoors. If you are in good shape, then the running may not be too difficult. If you are not in good shape, however, you may find it a challenge.

The exercises that you perform during your time at camp will focus on building strength, endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. You can also do aerobic training during your time there. Your chosen fitness boot camp will provide you with all the relevant information you need on how to do aerobics and cardio-vascular exercises correctly. In fact, you may find that they have video tutorials for beginners which will help you to get started right away. Once you have done a few weeks at the camp, you will then be able to determine which exercises you prefer to do and which you like to do less of. If you are unsure which exercises you enjoy the most, you can always ask the instructor for advice.

man running


There are many more strength training exercises you can do at a boot camp. You can find lots of information about each of these strength training exercises by checking out their websites or going through their brochures. It is important that you find some activities you are comfortable doing so that you do not get bored. Remember, it is very important for you to perform these strength training exercises properly in order to achieve maximum results. You should always strive to maintain proper form when doing any type of strength training exercise.