Best Gym Sneakers in 2021

So you are motivated to go to the gym! That is perfect. Whether you are working out three times a week for hours or you are just looking for that perfect shape, gym workouts are a great way to exercise and keep your body healthy. In fact, it is more than the smooth joints and strong muscles.

It is about the endorphins that the body releases-relaxing the body, easing stress, and making sleep easy. Whether you are a workout beast or new to the gym, a good pair of gym shoes is what you need. In this guide, we discuss some of the best gym sneakers in 2021.

1. Nike Metcon 4

The Nike Metcon 4 is always a top competitor in gym footwear. In fact, they are a darn and close to the perfect weightlifting shoes. If you are a lover of CrossFit as a workout choice, or you just like hitting the gym and lifting weights, Metcon 4 is the best shoe for you.


It has a tough grip that will help you crush sleds pulls and pushes without slipping. Besides, there is no much cushioning between your feet and the ground, thus it offers a stable launch point for power cleans and tuck jumps. In addition, they are a breeze to tighten with an additional sixth lace loop option.

2. Reebok CrossFit Nano 8

Reebok’s new flex weave material is more stable, durable, and breathable than the old version of Nanos. The dual-layered uniquely designed looks like a chain link, however, it feels more of a rubber tire.

This shoe will fit your foot like a glove and provide stability during common moves like leg and lunges deadlifts. Besides, it contains a minimal drop outsole that helps keep your body close to the ground.

3. Nobull Canvas Trainers

At a glance, these canvas looks like lifestyle shoes. You can wear them all day long due to their sleek and unique design. In addition, the canvas is comfortable.



However, do not be deceived, the perforated canvas is rough with added carbon lateral and media guards that offer balance and support. Although it is worthy to note that the light colored canvas footwear gets dirty very first especially in the weight room. But the green color does not have a similar problem.

4. York Athletics the Henry Mesh

This unisex footwear feels light for the support they offer. They weigh 8.3 ounces despite the 9mm offset drop. Originally designed for fighters only, Henry’s feature a mesh at the upper end of the shoe which are breathable.

Whether you are just box-jumping, throwing punches or perform pistol squats, these shoes are the best match you can get in the market today.

5. Adidas AlphBounce Beyond

The cushioning of these sneakers is what sets them apart from other footwear in this list. They are comfortable enough to help you handle miles on the treadmill.

Besides, you can perform a number of activities while with these shoes. In addition, they feature a grippy continental rubber that makes you have the same feeling whether you are using them in the gym or mats. The sneakers best suit classes like the Barry’s as well as your day to gym workout trips.