Best Reasons Why Hiking Is A Great Sport

For most people who grew up in the United States, hiking is a great sport. It is a challenging, exciting sport that is accessible to almost anyone. Why is hiking such a popular sport? Hiking has been around for years and it has always been a great way to get away from it all. It’s a great escape from those long working hours at the office or those stressful, fast-paced classes. Hiking has even been chosen as one of the Olympic sports.

Enjoy the scenery

One of the things that many people enjoy about hiking is the scenery. Some people prefer hiking in the woods while others like the open plains and mountains. There are also hiking enthusiasts who like to do both. They find hiking so relaxing that they actually enjoy going off the trail to the grocery store or the store parking lot in their car. These people are what are referred to as multi-hikers.

Do physically strenuous activity

The most obvious reason why hiking is such a great sport to participate in is the fact that it is a physically strenuous activity. Many people enjoy jogging or running, but they typically only do these two activities when they have a fairly full tank or when they are in relatively good shape. When you hike, you use your lungs and your legs. This physically demanding aspect makes hiking one of the best exercises you can possibly participate in.

Meet new people

Another reason why hiking is such a popular outdoor activity is the social aspect. By hiking, you will meet new friends. You will have the chance to explore new places and have the opportunity to try out new hiking styles. You might even make some new friends along the way. A hiking adventure is definitely a great time to network with other people who enjoy the same sport you do.

Many people also enjoy hiking because of the mental challenge. When you hike, you have to be alert. You must be aware of your surroundings and of any potential danger. You also have to be disciplined because it takes a lot of discipline to follow a hiking trail throughout a region. Many hiking enthusiasts say that their biggest mental challenge is staying awake.

man hiking as great sport

Great cardiovascular exercise

Hiking is also a great cardiovascular exercise. Because it requires so much of your physical strength and your stamina, you will notice an increase in your heart rate after just a few trips through the woods. Some people hike in order to relax and get away from the noise of everyday life. Other hiking enthusiasts love the sport so much that they regularly go on cross-country hikes. Whether you are a hiker who wants to do it for relaxation or you love the thrill of adventure, hiking is an activity you should try.


There are various hiking clubs you can join. Joining a hiking group is probably the best way to get started in the sport. These groups often have scheduled hikes throughout the year and you will be able to join one that is in the area you are headed for. A lot of them also have campsites and other things available for hikers to do.

While hiking is a great sport, it does require a great deal of determination and commitment. Like most outdoor activities, you should probably take a first-class safety course before venturing on a hike, as well as buy necessary hiking equipment. This will help ensure that you are safe and that you know how to handle yourself in the wilderness. Do not get lost and make sure that you carry a cell phone so that in case of an emergency you can be easily contacted.