7 Important Playground Safety Tips From the Experts


Each of us undoubtedly has fond memories of having the best times on our local playgrounds. Swings, see-saws, and sand castles – what is there not to love? This is why we wish your kids also have unlimited fun at the playground!

However, playgrounds can be pretty dangerous if you’re not taking the essential safety measures into account. So, let’s check out some playground safety tips coming straight from the experts! 

Inspect the playground before use

It’s easy to forget safety rules while you’re watching your kids have a great time on the slides and jungle gyms, but an accident caused by faulty playground equipment may ruin a day at the park for everyone. 

Therefore, we recommend doing a thorough pre-use inspection of any playground or outdoor space. Doing a short look-out at the playground is a good idea to identify any problems and report them to the local authorities or the company in charge if you’re using a private playground.

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Encourage your kids to be careful

Youngsters should alert an adult immediately if they see something unsafe on the playground, such as broken glass or pieces of equipment that other kids are being harmed by. We can all prevent needless injuries and fatal accidents if we make sure our local public park has all the required safety elements.

Don’t skimp on safety if you’re building your playground

Some parents would rather their kids play on a playground that has been made specifically for them. Private playgrounds are a great way to maximize fun in your backyard. However, when you’re designing the playground, make sure to follow all the safety regulations. 

Furthermore, if there are any installations that you can’t handle setting up on your own, call the professionals. For example, if you need to set up some equipment high off the ground, a good idea would be to call for a rope access technician to handle the job. Safety shouldn’t be only about play, it’s also essential to safely put up the playground! 

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Dress your kids appropriately 

Many children visit the emergency room due to playground accidents. Most of these injuries result from kids falling from playground equipment, but believe it or not, parents may prevent these accidents by being mindful of what the kids wear. 

Clothing is meant to promote both unrestricted play and a secure environment. Therefore if you wish to make your kids even safer, dress them in appropriate play attire. 

Your kids should always wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts to the playground, even if it’s a warm day. They will be shielded from the UV rays and minor injuries like scratches and insect bites. The shirt and slacks should fit comfortably but not be too loose or too tight.

For example, track trousers or leggings are perfect since they allow for movement. When it comes to shirts, choose those made of cotton since it’s most comfortable. On the other hand, wearing a hoodie increases the risk of an injury.

Avoid sandals or open shoes

Despite the heat, you shouldn’t let your kids wear shoes like these since they provide zero protection for their feet. Closed shoes, such as sneakers, provide the most coverage making them perfect for play. Also, double-check that their shoes are tied tightly before sending them out the door, or better yet, invest in a pair of laceless shoes.

Maintain the equipment

Last but not least, the experts advocate for regular equipment servicing. Administrators of playgrounds and parks should conduct safety inspections on structures regularly. 

It’s essential to make sure there aren’t any obvious signs of wear and tear, such as rust or splinters in wooden tools or plastic that has begun to fracture. It’s crucial to double-check and even triple-check as time goes on to make sure none of these problems have sprung up. 

It’s important to remind parents and other adults in charge to look around the playground and report any problems they see before letting the kids play there.

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Make sure to supervise your children

Last but not least, it’s important to actively supervise your youngsters while they play. What does this mean exactly? Well, you should always be near the equipment they’re using and be ready to react if anything happens. So, don’t bring your book to the park and keep your phone in your pocket. If your kid needs you, you need to be there for them fully, both mentally and physically.

To conclude, children like playing on playgrounds because they provide a safe and stimulating environment for physical activity, social interaction, and imaginative exploration. They are also useful in helping kids improve their motor skills, social abilities, and language development. The primary goal of the playground and outdoor safety is straightforward: protect children from injury while they play. All youngsters should be able to enjoy themselves without fear of harm thanks to the advice given above!