Can A Girl Run Faster Than A Guy

We are living in a modern world where things are changing faster than we could imagine. It has been a tradition man running faster than their counterparts. This is not the case as we have recent scientific research that suggests that there is a shrinking gap in athletic performance indicating that women are catching up with males.


For many years, running enthusiasts have been speculating women to be in a better position to run faster than men; this is mainly attributed the fact that women have higher body fat ratio which means high levels of fuel store. When you look closely to marathon running time, the time between men and women appears to confirm the theory.

Many women have taken up distance running and had a significant reduction in time between the best man and best woman in Marathon.

If current trends continue, we are going to Discover More. We are seeing reducing the range in the time taken by men and women to finish marathon, then women are going to outpace men. Running is all about getting your foot on the group and trying your level best to finish the race within the shortest time possible.


If you take a close look at the recreational runners, women, and men are not of the same size. You will find that women are 10kgs heavier than men or even more. But if you compare World’s best runners, you will be surprised to find that women and men are if the same weight. If t happens that you don’t match weight, then women will have a significant advantage and will be in an excellent position to run faster than men.

But if your weighs are matching, then men are capable of running for about 10% more quickly than women.Under some circumstances, women are therefore in a better position to run faster than men.