Do Runners Wear Underwear

Have you, for whatever reason, ever wondered if runners wore underwear? Or if you are an aspiring runner yourself, you’ve probably been split-minded about the whole issue whether to wear the underwear or not to. It is a common question that is seldom asked for obvious reasons. Let’s get to the bottom.

The answer is Yes and No because the decision by a runner to wear underwear or not to can depend on an array of factors, here are some of them:

1. What kind of running shorts or tights are you wearing?

There are two types of shorts specifically designed for running: those that come with a lining and; those that are made tight enough to wear close to your skin.


Running tights are very much the same as the later. All these shorts are worn without underwear across sexes. There are two exceptions, though: if you are a woman and you would like to keep your menstrual pads in place and; if you are battling skin chaffing problems.

2. What type of underwear do you intend to wear?

If you must wear underwear, the whole issue boils down to the type of underwear you’re wearing. Cotton underwear is advised against because of the tendency of cotton to absorb moisture and become abrasive.

Underwear made from wicking material is better, and they should fit snuggly. For a range of running shorts for women and men,hop over to

3. Do you have skin chaffing issues?

Woman underwear

Some runners may have skin chaffing problems between their legs. Wearing underwear or any kind can worsen the situation and even cause rashes. For that reason, a runner may decide against wearing any underwear and run solo, which is still nice.

Bottom line

So you see, as a runner, it is not necessary to wear underwear. And there are many reasons why you wouldn’t; it could be skin chaffing problems or even reproductive health issues if you are a woman. More often than not, runners don’t wear underwear.