Fell Running for Beginners

There are so many physical activities you can do to keep fit and have fun while you are at it. The best part is that most of these activities are for free. All you have to do is have the right gears and the group to give you the support you need.

Most people do fell running as a sport while others do it as a hobby. There is so much fun that comes with off road exercises especially if you do it as a group. However, there are enthusiasts who have never tried taking part in this sport. This post will highlight some of the things you need to have as a beginner runner in order to take part in the exercise.


Beginners need to invest in proper footwear since the whole exercise mostly involves the feet. When you walk into a shoe store, consider light, non waterproof that will help eject water and dislodge mud after tackling a boggy ground.


A good shoe for beginners should be supple to offer a better grip on an uneven and slippery surface. The shoe should also offer some side protection against loose stones and rocks. Most professional fell runners choose rubber studs.

The sole pattern should also give you excellent grip on steep grass. Beginners also need to pay close attention to road shoes with a deep-lugged and aggressive outsole. Such are good to start but you need to find something with a high level of grip.

Waterproof jacket

This type of physical activity has become a household name and many people are now taking part. The outdoor industry has therefore accepted the challenge and is now making waterproofs that breath. Since you will be doing a lot of sweating, you will need a waterproof jacket that is also breathable.


Other than the jacket, you should also consider getting other body covers that are appropriate for the weather condition. They will help you take on the road regardless of the weather condition.

Ultralight rucksack

Just like with any physical activity, you will need to carry some water. A rucksack is what you need in this case. Get a super light one that is convenient for longer races.

Walking poles

Most people don’t consider walking poles a vital equipment but beginners should consider buying them. You will encounter tough descents and so you will need ultralight poles.


This is also a must have for any outdoor man or woman. There are times when evening will set on before you wrap up the exercise. In this case, a good head torch will come in handy. This will help you navigate the harsh terrain or get sported incase you get lost. This is a cheap budget option for beginners.


With that in mind, beginners now understand what they need to make this exercise a success. The best part is that none of these equipment will cost a fortune. Therefore, you have no excuse why you shouldn’t take part in the fun.