How Cannabis Could Help You Become A Faster Runner

The cannabis plant contains a lot of chemical compounds which includes over 300 different EXECUTIVE cannabinoils commonly know as THC which allows cannabis to have various psychological and physical effects to the body of the human being. For a very long term, the use of cannabis has been associated with laziness and lack of focus. This is known as the “lazy stoner” stigma which has been in existence for quite a while now.

Science has finally succeeded in doing away with the myth and misconception that once you use cannabis you cannot be active again. Many professional athletes have confessed to using cannabis in order to boost their performance in the field.

Below is how cannabis will help you become a faster runner.

1. It gives you clarity and focus

If you are looking to improve on your running speed, it is very important for you to know how to focus. Focusing is sometimes hard as one may encounter many distractions on the course of running.



With cannabis, you tend to improve on your focus and you are not easily distracted, the THC in cannabis is a psychoactive substance which enables your mind to have more drive and focus.Cannabis simply makes it easier focusing on how to achieve your goals, thereby affecting your overall performance as a runner.

2.Acts as a pain reliever

Running is not a simple activity, a runner is at the risk of catching sore muscles from time to time. Cannabis has proven to help with relieving the pain from the sore muscles. It contains some properties that relieve pain and ease the strain.

Besides helping with relieving the pain, cannabis works to reduce pain in sport-related injuries, as illustrated in this website

3. It improves your sleep

It is common sense that every strenuous activity to your body requires you to have quality sleep every night to accord your body the strength it needs to cover up the running. Running also can over engage your brain and overwork your muscles, this might bring about lack of sleep. The Indica cultivars a type of cannabis is known to have relaxing effects, which boosts your sleep.

4.Fights fatigue


As a runner, you will require a lot of energy for you to complete your running distance. Once your energy levels hit low, your performance is bound to get affected. Cannabis is in a position to fight fatigue, the cannabis type Sativa provides you with with necessary energy when you need it most while on the other side effectively countering fatigue. This factor enables you as a runner to run faster without caving to fatigue.


Over time, cannabis has proven to be a lot more than a just a recreational drug that gets its users high, in fact, science has achieved to do away with myths surrounding cannabis, we are living in a time that more countries are lifting the ban against cannabis and actually allowing it to be sold legally. If you are a runner and you are looking to boost your skills a little bit, you can rely on a good strain of cannabis.