How Do You Get The Climber’s Body

Climbing is an entertaining sport, but it can be tasking, especially if you are not physically fit. For you to be physically fit and ready for climbing, you must engage in both cardio and strength training since you need both for climbing. It’s also necessary to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet at all times since this fuels your workouts as well as the climbing.

If you combine determination and hard work, you will be able to climb high heights and longer. Here are some exercises that you can indulge in on a daily basis to give you that coveted climber’s body.



Pull-ups are essentially important since they build your shoulders and arm strength, making you more stable when climbing. This exercise mainly targets delts and shoulders, and the recommended number of push-ups is twenty a day. For better results, you should pull yourself up real fast then drop down slowly when doing pull-ups. You can view this article for additional reading.


Push-ups focus more on the upper body and the core. They help in reducing body weight and building up your muscles. If you want to build up that climber’s body, you’ll need to do at least ten a day.

You should also try the superman or diamond push-ups for fast result. For more challenging push-ups, try inclined ones. Place your feet on a stair, chair, or a box with your lower body lying flat on the ground when doing your push-ups.



Planks help you to enhance the strength you require while climbing. You should try holding your planks for at least two minutes. For better results try raising on your fingers to build up the strength your arms require when not stick up or slouch back your butt while doing your planks as this will reduce the efficiency of your planks.

Exercises are vital if you intend to build up a climber’s body. However, they should be accompanied by proper dieting and regular water intake as this also play a vital role too.