How to Build a Safe and Fun Playground

Building a playground for your kids is a great way to get them to spend more time outside. The key to having them enjoy the playground is to make it exciting and challenging. However, safety is also of paramount importance, and it should be your top priority. Here is a guide to building a playground that is both safe and fun to play in.

Pick out safe equipment

While you want a variety of different equipment to keep your children interested for a long time, you need to make sure that each component is as safe as possible. Some of the components you may choose include the following:

  • swing,
  • slide,
  • seesaw,
  • monkey bars,
  • climbing walls,
  • trampoline.

Although undoubtedly amusing and thrilling, each of these components is a potential safety hazard. That’s why you need to be extremely careful when choosing each piece of equipment. Pay attention to things like the material and weight. The safest swings are made of plastic and are lightweight. For extra safety, you can choose the swings that have a safety bar. When it comes to slides, plastic slides are probably the safest bet. Make sure that the sides of the slides are high enough, so that your children can’t fall off the slide. Also, keep in mind that there is a risk of your kids getting burned in the hot months, so always check the slides and other equipment before you let your kids play. Seesaws can be very exciting for children and are useful for teaching them about teamwork. However, they can be dangerous, so they aren’t recommended for very small children. If you choose to install a seesaw, select the one that has a spring that would prevent it from hitting the ground abruptly.  

Childproof the playground area by building a fence

Building a fence is essential to making your backyard playground safe for children of all ages. That way you can relax knowing that your children won’t run out on the street before you can catch them, and get hurt. However, keep in mind that, even when you put up the fence, small children still need adult supervision to ensure their safety. When you’re building a fence, you’re going to need quite a few things, including hinges, which you can find on the Fencing Components website.

Choose the components that will make the playground exciting

A playground is more than just a pastime for children. If it’s challenging enough, the playground is where they improve their motor skills and flexibility, develop their problem-solving abilities, and learn how to react in stressful situations. Apart from the usual components, such as swings, seesaws, and slides, try to include more options so that the children don’t get bored fast. For example, you can create markings for some fun games on the ground, such as hopscotch, checkers, and tic-tac-toe. That’s a safe way to add variety to the playground without even needing to buy more equipment. 

Make the ground safe

It has been reported that around 80% of playground injuries occur due to unsafe playground surfaces. Unsafe surfaces include concrete, asphalt, grass, and dirt. These materials aren’t going to protect your children from getting injured. Instead, you can use safer materials, such as:

  • sand,
  • mulch,
  • pea gravel,
  • rubber tiles.

These surfaces can decrease the impact in case of a fall, and prevent serious injury. Keep in mind that you need to ensure that the material is thick enough in order to be effective. 

On a final note

As you can tell, building a safe and fun playground takes a lot of contemplation. Since ensuring your children’s safety is essential, you need to be very careful about the components and ground material you choose. Certainly, you shouldn’t forget to make it challenging, so that your kids can acquire essential skills while having fun.