How to Embrace Active Lifestyle and Stick to It

In the past two years, many of got super lazy, especially the individuals that are not essential workers and can practice remote work. So how do you get active for the first time or return to the fitness lifestyle for real, without giving up after three short weeks? Here are a few tips that will create healthy habits and change your mindset about exercising.

Reconsider your expectations

Just like it’s impossible to get out of shape overnight, it’s also not possible to get back in shape overnight. If you expect too much from your exercises, the only thing you’ll gain is stress, frustration and disappointment and zero muscles. Don’t get discouraged by your limitations at the beginning but be proud of every little accomplishment. Instead of focusing on results, highlight consistency and progress. Mood and energy benefits will be instant, but it will take some time for the physical benefits to catch up, so be consistent and patient.

Choose an activity you like

Many people are not fans of lifting weights and putting them back down or staring at the wall while running on the treadmill—that’s perfectly understandable. But you can always activate your muscles and cardiovascular system in an activity you actually enjoy. For instance, you can take up hiking, hop on a bike with a friend, listen to your favorite music while dancing, etc. Any activity that raises your heartbeat for a prolonged period will benefit your active lifestyle and do a world of good for your health. And you will actually be happy to practice it!


Choose the right gym

Exercising at the gym is great because you have access to all the machines and personal trainers. However, it can also be intimidating, especially for the ladies. However, there are excellent fitness franchises that cater only to women and offer a private facility where they can exercise in a supportive and safe environment. If you want to take fitness seriously, you can even invest in the franchise and open your own boutique gym. When you have money invested in the enterprise, you’ll stick to exercising and completely rebrand yourself into a fitness influencer.

Opt for shorter workouts

Some people spend hours at the gym but if you don’t have time for endeavors like that, you can opt for shorter workouts that last 30 minutes. With warm-up and cool-off, you can be in and out of the gym in one hour max! HIIT workouts can focus on free weights, bodyweight exercises and cardio, whichever program you choose, and you can adapt it to your fitness level easily. And since your session won’t take up your entire afternoon, you’ll actually feel pretty great keeping up with your workouts.

Monitor your progress

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose focus if you don’t see any progress in your weight loss or muscle gain. That’s why it’s crucial to monitor your activity and assess your fitness regularly. Every few months, you can go back to your early workouts and see how easy they are. You can also retake your body measurements and notice a smaller waist or bigger biceps. When you see these results clearly, you will stick to your fitness journey.


Plan to rest

Many people start to exercise a little too enthusiastically, which means they create a full fitness regimen with daily activity and long and hard sessions. This usually ends very soon, sometimes with the first muscle inflammation. A better strategy to adopt is to plan with plenty of rest time between workouts for your body to recover. This way, you won’t be forced to endure pain or get oversaturated with exercising, sticking to your routine for longer and following your goals.

Leading an active lifestyle has so many benefits for you, both physical and mental, sometimes even financial. So follow these tips above, form healthy fitness habits and you’ll never go back to your sedentary lifestyle again.