What Are Good Activities For 12 Year Olds?

Finding the right activities for your 12-year-olds will keep them engaged, and they will have fun. Most kids nowadays spend most of their time watching TV and playing computer games.

It is important to find more educational, engaging, and fun activities to prevent them from getting bored. Find more on the best activities for 12-year-olds here.

1. Cooking

It is important to teach young teens how to cook so that they can become responsible adults. You can start by introducing them to simple meal preparations such as popcorns, grilling, and making sandwiches.

2. Biking


Biking is a sporting activity loved by most kids. You can start biking with your son or daughter. With biking, your kid will be very active and have fun.

3. Making cards

Making cards is an excellent indoor activity. To learn easily and faster, identify a card designing website. On this website, you will get all the instructions and various designs to choose from.

4. Gardening

If you have a small garden, it will keep your 12-year-old active. You should allow them to grow vegetables and take care of them until harvesting time. With this, your child will always take care of your garden.

5. Attend the communities’ events


During summers, various community events take place. You should identify at least two events and let him or her attend the event. They will be able to interact with other kids of the same age and help the community.

6. Reading books

Reading books is a good recreational and educative activity that your child can engage in. To make it more fun, you should allow them to visit the local library or help them to sign up with online books website.

Parenting can be simple with the above activities. Make sure that your 12-year-old has a lot to do during the holidays. You will not have to worry about your young teen sitting on the couch the whole day watching TV and playing games.