What Should You Not Wear When Golfing

You just don’t wear anything to a golf club. Most golf clubs will require you to observe stringent clothing rules when you are on their course and clubhouse. Given the elite nature of the sport, a sense of formality is necessary.

Some rules might not be universal in all golf clubs, but here are some of the rules most clubs would agree on go to website to read moro on this:

1. Jeans

Man playing golf

Golf players must don golf slacks or khakis. And whatever color your khaki or slack is, ensure that it comes with belt loops. If you must wear golf slacks, ensure that they are cuff free to prevent them from accumulating sand and endangering your safety.

2. Rubber shoes, rugged boots, flip flops or sandals

There are special soft-spiked golfing shoes that should be worn and will be issued by the golf club. Those shoes should be worn with socks.

The socks should match the color of the trouser. If you must wear shorts (which should be recommended by your golf club), ensure that the socks are light-colored.

You should follow the tradition by only wearing your clothes and all accessories in the provided locker rooms and not at the parking lot or in your car.

3. Too short or long shorts that are tight and have no belt-loops


Most golf clubs would allow members to wear shorts that are not too tight or too short. This rule can apply to both women and men. The shorts should be made to resemble casual trousers and should never go beyond or rescind beyond the region just above your knee. They should also come with belt loops, just like your golf trousers.

4. Riot of colors

Even if your attire is allowed by the golf club, please go slow on the colors. You don’t want to golf with your business associates while wearing a top with all colors of the rainbow. Brightly colored clothes can be a distraction and even dishonorable when mingling with the members of the high society in a golf course.